Anthrop-Arch is an architectural design method which uses the results of -> Architectural Anthropology and -> Habitat Research for the design of contemporary buildings and environments.

The basic aim of Anthrop-Arch is

    1) to overcome the disastrous discontinuities of human space-organisation unconsciously produced by modernism and postmodernism.

    2) to supply an anthropological basis to the design of the human habitat, urban or rural and thus to avoid the present endless heterogeneity of -> Styles in architectural design

One of the basic characteristics of Anthrop-Arch is the re-evaluation of 'value-focussed' axial systems related to human movement and rest. Such 'value-focussed' axial systems were the basic common denominator of all pre-modern architecture, but were destroyed by the introduction of functionalism and spatial concepts borrowed from physics.

Anthrop-Arch designs with -> Timeless structures (fundamental principles of space and form). Such timeless structures are: -> Timeless structure of vertical form (vertical polarity scheme), Timeless structure of horizontal form (access-place-scheme).

This design system leaves the architect with his full freedom, but brings his design back into the human architectural tradition.

This research is still in the buildup

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